Doug deVries is truly a first class mediator. Great background; quick study; good with clients; no BS; easy and prompt follow up; absolute professionalism. I have recommended Doug to others and will continue to do so.

Mike Bradley, Esq., Murphy, Pearson, Bradley & Feeney – San Francisco
Insurance Defense

Doug is ideally suited to assist litigants in resolving their disputes in a way that makes both sides feel like winners – prodigious people skills, superb powers of persuasion, uncommon common sense and a keen insight into the thinking of plaintiffs, defendants and their gladiators bringing everyone together.

Royal Oakes, Esq., Barger & Wolen, Los Angeles
Insurance Defense

Thank you Doug. It was one of the best mediations I’ve ever had! Even with mediators I like and respect, I’ve often had clients emerge from mediation feeling dissatisfied with the settlement. That was not the case on Tuesday. The client was very pleased.

Jim Keenley, Esq., Bolt Keenley Kim, Berkeley
ERISA Disability Insurance Attorney

Few mediators have an in-depth legal knowledge of insurance and insurance coverage issues until now. Doug possesses that in-depth knowledge, and brings his expertise to bear in helping parties resolve complex cases.

John Cotter, Esq., Diepenbrock & Cotter, Sacramento
Personal Injury and Insurance Defense

Doug’s analytical and people skills suit him well as an accomplished mediator. His perseverance and willingness to listen to all sides make him extremely successful and productive in resolving matters.

Linda Lawson, Esq., Meserve, Mumper & Hughes, Los Angeles
Insurance and Employment Defense

Doug brings high professional and ethical standards to his role as a mediator, arbitrator and referee, and has extensive experience in litigation and knowledge of the insurance industry.

Karen Goodman, Esq., Goodman & Associates, Sacramento
Professional Liability, Commercial and Insurance Defense

Doug is stalwart, reliable and an excellent person with whom to work. Knowing the wide-ranging abilities and strengths Doug brings to the table, he will make an excellent mediator. I highly recommend him.

Browne Greene, Esq., Greene, Broillet & Taylor, Santa Monica
Plaintiff Products Liability and Personal Injury

Having known Doug professionally for many years, I can state that he is an outstanding mediator and arbitrator, and I give him my highest recommendation without qualification. We have opposed each other in cases many times, and on occasion Doug has also served as personal counsel for physicians and as a mediator and arbitrator in cases I have defended. He has a wide range of experience in almost every type of civil case, including personal injury, products, drug and medical device liability, medical malpractice, construction, insurance bad faith and other complex litigation.

John Quincy Brown, Esq., Hardy, Erich, Brown & Wilson, Sacramento
Medical Malpractice Defense

Regarding your efforts in the recent med mal wrongful death mediation you handled, you were quickly able to discern the strong points and weaknesses in each side’s case and pushed the appropriate buttons with each side without unnecessarily irritating or angering either. Your tireless determination and continued efforts long after the end of the formal mediation session finally got the job done on a case I thought was highly unlikely to settle. Thank you for your professionalism and hard work.

Anthony J. Poidmore, Esq., Law Offices of Anthony J. Poidmore, Roseville
Plaintiff Personal Injury

In a complex medical malpractice case with little to no expectation or possibility of settlement, Mr. deVries worked tirelessly with the parties until settlement was in fact accomplished. He was masterful in his ability to quickly learn and grasp the medical issues, and the more difficult real life emotional issues that were impediments to resolution of the case. I would recommend and use deVries Dispute Resolution services again in the future.

Norman V. Prior, Esq., Porter | Scott, Sacramento
Medical Malpractice Defense